Value Your Trade

Sell or Trade In Your Used Car at McNeill Chevrolet Buick

Whether you’re shopping for your next car or just looking to pick up a bit of extra cash for your bills, finding out what to do with your current car can be a challenging task. For one thing, you have to actually know what a fair asking price for your vehicle is, and then you have to find someone willing to buy it for that price. Those two tasks can be truly time-consuming if you opt to go it alone, but luckily, you don’t have to.


What is the Kelly Blue Book Instant Cash Offer?

The Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer is a proven path to a competitive cash offer for your car. Simply enter a bit of information about your car into the form on our website and in just a few short minutes, you’ll have a cash estimate on your car’s value. Now, you can take that offer directly to our dealership or hang onto it for up to seven days to decide whether its right for you. Either way it takes a lot of the hassle out of getting an accurate appraisal on your used car.

What should I do before I trade-in my car?

If you want to get the maximum possible value for your used car, it pays to take care of outstanding issues before you bring it in to our dealership near Bowling Green, OH. First and foremost, you should have your car fully cleaned on the outside and fully detailed on the inside. In addition, you should make an effort to fix any outstanding auto maintenance issues, ensure the tires are properly inflated and balanced, and make sure you have all the OEM equipment inside the car when you bring it in to trade-in.

What do I need to bring to the dealership to trade-in my car?

When you bring your car to our dealership near Perrysburg, make sure to bring your vehicle history report, any relevant documents that prove your maintenance history, and all warranty documentation. Then you’ll be all set to sell your car with McNeill Chevrolet Buick.

Why sell your used car at our Swanton, OH dealership?

There’s no shortage of fantastic reasons to sell your used car to us here at McNeill Chevrolet Buick, but one of the premier advantages is the fact that it’s a lot less time-consuming than the alternatives. You can opt to sell your used car online and you’re liable to spend hours researching a fair purchase price and even longer waiting on offers from prospective buyers. Even then you’ll have to weed out the legitimate shoppers from weekend joy riders before you can hammer out a deal. Plus, that’s to say nothing of the scam artists out there on the internet looking to prey on people selling their used cars. Even if you do end up doing business with someone supposedly reputable, do you really want to invite someone to your home or place of business to exchange your car for cash?

Luckily, when you choose to sell your used car to us here at McNeill Chevrolet Buick, you can conveniently get a fair offer on your used car right from our website without leaving the comfort of your own home. Better still, if you opt to shop for your next car with us online, we’ll happily deliver your new ride to your doorstep and pick up your trade-in as we go, so there’s no hassle and no hurdles to jump through to sell your car.

Sell your Car at McNeill Chevrolet Buick

If you have more than one vehicle or reach a point in life where you just need extra money, the idea of selling your vehicle is usually one of the first that springs to mind. Cars, trucks, and SUVs are some of the most expensive purchases that someone makes in life. They hold a lot of value even after they’re used. McNeill Chevrolet Buick is available to buy your quality model whenever you’re ready to sell.

Advantages of Selling to Us

  • No advertising fees or fuss to get a “for sale” listing put up
  • We take care of everything, including payment
  • We handle every aspect of the sale
  • It’s near instant to sell to us, as opposed to listing it privately
  • There’s no need to meet with multiple potential buyers

Selling to our dealership is a major timesaver. Instead of going through months of stress and potential meetings with strangers (who may or may not buy your vehicle), you have a dealership that wants to own your quality vehicle right away. There’s no need to suffer through a dozen meetings with buyers who keep changing their mind. We’re here to buy your vehicle on the spot. Thanks to our certified auto mechanics, we have the confidence to buy a vehicle or at least make an offer. You always have the right to refuse the offer if you like, but we believe you’ll be very happy with what we put on the table. Anyone wondering “why sell my car” to a dealership should be drawn to the instant perks of cash in hand with no strings attached.

Trade-in your Car at McNeill Chevrolet Buick

The trade in is much like selling your vehicle, only you’re going to use its value to “trade” for a better vehicle. This is something that you usually only undertake at a dealership like ours. If you’ve got your eye on that next great Chevy or Buick, you can get a car trade-in value to see how much it’s going to save you on that next new model.

What Determines Trade-in Value?

More than a few things will help us determine the trade-in value of your car. It usually begins with an inspection and condition. Models that have been properly maintained on the inside and outside will have a higher value to our used car shoppers. Lower mileage vehicles are usually valued higher as well.

Trade or Sell My Car?

To trade or to sell, that is the question. You’ll find value in both exchanges, but usually it depends on your current situation and what your needs are at the time of a trade of sell. If you’re ready to buy a better new or used vehicle right now, then a trade at our dealership makes more sense. The vehicle is going to be your biggest investment at the time, so you’ll want to put the money from your current vehicle toward a better one.

If you’re in need of cash-in-hand, then a sell can be better for you. Maybe you have an extra vehicle and don’t really want to buy another Chevy or Buick right now. You just want to take your extra vehicle and get some quick cash for it. Instead of rushing off to list your vehicle in a newspaper or online, you can skip all the red tape and just sell it to us.

Sell or Trade in a Vehicle

If you’ve enjoyed what you see here, we invite you to trade or sell your vehicle to McNeill Chevrolet Buick today. You can bring your vehicle by at any time, or you can schedule an appointment with us by phone or online. We recommend cleaning the model and having it shined up by the time you get here. This is wise for anyone selling or trading in a model. Just contact us with questions or to let us view and make an offer on your vehicle.