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If you’re looking to schedule service in Bowling Green, OH, the expert technicians here at McNeill Chevrolet Buick want to help you decide what you need before you visit our dealership in Swanton, OH. Maintaining your Chevrolet vehicle is an important job and our team is ready to step up to the task. Please refer to the service menu below to explore some of our available services and learn what you can expect to happen with each repair.

Lube, Oil & Filter (Conventional)

Conventional oil change services include fluid level inspection, oil draining, oil replenishment, and filter replacement. We’ll check all your belts and hoses and provide up to five quarts of fresh motor oil and a brand new oil filter.

Tire Rotation (4 Tires)

We will check and rotate your tires and wheels as recommended by the manufacturer. We’ll also check your tire pressure and check your fluid levels, as most tire rotation services coincide with other regular maintenance services. We recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 to 7,500 miles.

Tire Rotation & Balance

Similar to a standard tire rotation, this service includes balancing for your tires and wheels as recommended by the manufacturer. We’ll adjust your tire pressure as needed and balance all four tires using laser-alignment software. If your tires are worn down or damaged, we’ll replace them and torque down your wheel nuts to OEM specification.

Lube, Oil, & Filter (Synthetic)

Synthetic lube, oil, and filter services include inspection of fluid levels and all belts and hoses. This service includes up to six quarts of motor oil as well as a brand new oil filter.

A/C Ventilation Flush Service

We will disinfect, flush, and deodorize your A/C system. Our service experts will visually inspect your system and thoroughly check your fittings, hoses, and other A/C related hardware.

2 Wheel Alignment

Includes the checking and adjustment of your caster, camber, and set toe. We’ll also check your tire pressure and tire wear, as well as all steering and suspension components. Additional labor may be added depending on any unforeseen problems that come up.

4 Wheel Alignment

Similar wheel alignment service mentioned above but for all four wheels. This includes steering, suspension, as well as any additional labor costs.

Brake Fluid Flush Service

We will flush your master brake cylinder and replenish your braking system with new fluid before you hit the roads in Toledo. Brake flushes help purify your system and release any old or oxidized residue from the system.

Power Steering Flush

We use a powerful cleaner to help eradicate any gum or varnish that’s gotten stuck on your car’s steering column. This service includes flushing out the old fluid and replenishing it with a new fortified blend of special antioxidants and anti-wear ingredients.

Cooling System Service

Our certified crew will clean your cooling veins and flush your cooling system to help get rid of any debris. We’ll then add new fluid to the system and optimize your cooling system using a conditioner to prevent rust and a universal cooling system sealer to prevent leaks from forming.

Fuel Induction Service

We will clean your fuel injectors, intake valves, ports, chambers, and intake manifold. If you feel a lack of power, fuel induction service can help optimize your performance and help reduce the chance of harmful emissions from entering the cabin.

Automatic Transmission Flush

This service includes the removal and complete overhaul of the transmission, including a full clean and replenishment. We’ll replace your transmission fluid and add new premium conditioners to help restore the quality and operability of your transmission in Sylvania, OH.

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